How To Make Homemade Sake

Ingredients 材料

Aya Style homemade sake recipe:
Rice 450 grams (3 gou)
Rice koji 200 grams
1.2 liters of water
50 grams of sugar
Yeast fungus 1 teaspoon
Sugar: To increase the alcohol content.
Yogurt: Prevents the growth of bacteria.
It doesn’t matter if you include these two ingredients or not.
*Yeast is fine for bread, but I prefer it for wine.

自家製酒レシピ ayaito好み
米 450グラム(3合)
米糀 200グラム
水 1.2リットル
砂糖 50グラム
イースト菌 小さじ1
※ 砂糖:アルコール度数上げるため。 ヨーグルト:雑菌の繁殖を防ぐ。 この2点は入れても入れなくても大丈夫。
※ イースト菌はパン用でも大丈夫だけど、ワイン用が好み

ingredients for sake

Preparation 準備

Wash the rice and soak it in water (not listed)
Then drain the water.
(Procedure for making rice cakes)

Steam the rice in a pressure cooker.
*It seems that you can cook with less water.

米は洗いまして水に浸しておく(分量外) その後水をきる。 (お餅作るときの要領)
お米を圧力鍋で蒸す。 ※少なめの水で炊いてもいいみたいです。

steamed rice

Add water to the steamed rice, and when it reaches the temperature of human skin, add rice koji, sugar, and wine yeast and mix well.
*If the temperature is too high, koji mold and yeast will die.

蒸米に水を投入、人肌くらいの温度になったら米糀、砂糖、ワインイーストを入れてよく混ぜる。 ※温度が高いとこうじ菌、イースト菌が死んでしまいます。

mix ingredients

Just stir daily and gets ready in 3 days 混ぜて濾す

Mix well about once a day, and strain the sake after 3 days.


strain the sake

Final Step 仕上げ

Refill it into a bottle and leave it for half a day to a day (Use a PET bottle that is resistant to strong carbonation, such as for makgeolli).
Further fermentation and carbon dioxide gas are produced in the bottle, so the PET bottle becomes swollen.
(If you want to suppress the carbonation, loosen the lid at this time to let the gas escape.)
When it becomes highly swollen, put it in the refrigerator to dissolve the carbon dioxide gas into sake.

ボトルにつめかえて、半日〜1日おく(炭酸用のペットボトルがやりやすい) ボトル内でさらに発酵、炭酸ガスができるのでペットボトルがパンパンになる。 パンパンになったところで冷蔵庫へ、炭酸ガスを溶け込ませて完成。アルコール度数ソコソコあり、炭酸シュワシュワの飲みものになります。

Completion ♫

It has a high alcohol content and is a carbonated drink.
It’s a completely personal recipe that I adjusted while preparing twice a week😅

Perfect combination with seafood/meat お食事と共に

In Vietnam, it is possible to bring alcoholic beverages into restaurants, so I often bring them to meals with my friends and drink them.
It has a good reputation among friends, and they often say that it tastes better than store-bought sake.
It cannot be mass-produced, but if you enjoy it with your friends, it will definitely improve your QOL, so it is recommended.

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