About Aya: The dressmaker

Originally from Wakayama Prefecture, she studied kimono tailoring at a Japanese dressmaking school.

From her youth age she had been good at knitting and dressmaking, so she chose Japanese clothes instead of Western clothes because she was attracted not only to the convenience of Japanese clothes and complete design, but also to the artistic expression of the cloth that was likened to a canvas.

After getting some experience at a kimono company, she was assigned to Ghana as a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer, and works as a special advisor at a Japanese kimono company in Ho Chi Minh City.

During her stay in Ghana, she found African cloth very attractive in its local patterns, dyeing methods, and materials.

Having brought back African cloth, she continues to create works of art that fuse the two cultures of African cloth and Japanese Kimono in HCMC, where currently she lives.

kimono lady